Popular Immigration Programs

Express Entry Canada

The immigration program Express Entry Canada is meant for people who wish to come live and work in Canada (but outside of the province of Quebec). This program works according to selections grids that are designed by the Canadian Government. This program works in two steps


Skilled Worker Quebec

The immigration program Skilled Worker Quebec is targeted mainly at francophones who wish to come live and work in the Province of Quebec. The goal of this program is to encourage the immigration of candidates who will integrate well into the Quebec labor market: young candidates, with a strong knowledge of the French language, with diplomas and work experience.


Family Sponsorship

If you are a Canadian Permanent Resident or a Canadian Citizen, you can sponsor your spouse or your dependent child so they can obtain the Canadian Permanent Resident Visa.

Quebec Investor Program

The Quebec Business Immigration programs are available to individuals with the required entrepreneurial, investor, or self-employed experience who wish to settle in the province of Quebec.

Study in Canada

Canada is home to some of the world's best education and immigration options.We provide you with everything you need to know on how you can study in Canada